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LOVE ME AGAIN, written by Gary Puckett, is a brand-new song and the title of the first new album. This new tune is compiled with 11 more of DK’s radio hits to complete this new project. LATE MOVIES AND MEMORIES is a compilation of DK’s first #1 single followed by 10 more radio hits. Between these first two albums, DK achieved twelve #1 singles. RETURN TO SENDER is an album DK recorded partly at Capitol Records in LA and partly at Legacy Studios in Chicago and it contains a total of ten top-20 radio hits.

The songs contained in these three albums have established themselves in both classic country and adult contemporary radio markets and have garnered radio fans worldwide. The collection of songs on these three remastered albums showcase DK’s unique ability to combine conventional elements with influences of country swing, rock ‘n’ roll, rhythm & blues and rockabilly.  Check out the clips below then visit the Spotify and iTunes links to make them your own.

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